Was Walter Scott shooting another hoax like the NY cops shooting? (VIDEO)



Why would the police department fake a shooting you ask? Well also ask this, when do the police ever put other police in jail for killing black people? and so quickly?? Where was the blood?

Why does it appear to be a different individual first running from the one who was supposedly shot? There are a thousand questions that have no reasonable answer.

If true why would the police fake themselves killing innocent civilians? FEAR! The same way hitler faked attacks in Nazi Germany to scare the general population. The police in America have been openly stepping up there militarisation of the police force for a while now and this is another step closer to the goal being completed.

They enrage a certain community (usually if not always the black community) then once any of the community react by smashing or throwing things, it gives the police the excuse they were waiting for to attack innocent people just looking to be treated fairly. To be fair they don’t usually get the response they want and have been caught many times sending in agents to provoke situations from within the crowds. This plan has been devised for many years and is now in its final stages of execution. The majority of America are white racists and thus blindly fall into the trap the government has set for them included. They choose and edit footage of protests and rallies with black people in it to portray us as bad or criminal which the white racists agree with. Next they bring in tanks and high powered weapons that are not to be used in America on American citizens but seems justified by the wrestling style propaganda shows they put on such as the Walter Scott shooting, two police shot in NY city or the crazed gunman on the white house lawn etc etc.

Watch the video by brother Dick Gregory. If short on time some tobacco chewing hicks have put together some videos exposing the fake shooting


Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed New York City Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo applying a fatal chokehold to Eric Garner on July 17, was indicted by a grand jury in Staten Island, New York.

However, the Staten Island grand jury chose not to indict Officer Pantaleo who violated NYPD rules by using a chokehold on Garner, resulting in his death!


Yet this man Santa who filmed the hoax shooting of Walter Scott gets put on TV and hailed a hero.

images Unknown-1


Just to back up claims of police being caught trying to provoke situations below.




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