RBG hand flags for sale

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After looking endlessly for a hand flag for the reparations march next week the 1st or August , we decided to get some made. (make sure you come along to wind rush square, Brixton at 11am)

We are selling

1 for £3

2 for £5

4 for £10

10 for only £20

20 for only £35  

UK Delivery is 99p for up to 4 flags and £1.99 for up to 20. Pls note we added an extra pound to 10 and 20 flags, this is towards delivery!

USA Delivery is $8 on all orders (sorry family that’s what they’re charging to ship overseas)

PLEASE NOTE!!! The flags come individually packaged and are usually slightly creased (as pictured below). Literally running a WARM iron over it 1-2 times will have them as flat as in the main picture.


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USA CUSTOMERS (please use button below)

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