Judge Overturns Conviction of George Stinney Jr., Executed at Age 14 in 1944

It took 10 minutes to convict 14-year-old George Stinney Jr. It took 70 years after his execution to exonerate him.So they can kill your child then clear his name 70 years later and your supposed to be……?

#NEWS: Judge Overturns Conviction of George Stinney Jr., Executed at Age 14 in 1944

In bittersweet news, on Tuesday, 16 December 2014, Judge Carmen Tevis Mullen overturned the conviction of George Junius Stinney, Jr. who was executed by the state of South Carolina in 1944. At 14 years old, George Stinney Jr. was the youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century.

Despite vacating his conviction, there is no way for the state to bring George Stinney Jr. back to life. There is no way for the state to make up for the tremendous loss of his life. George Stinney Jr. would be 84 today. He might have been a husband, a father, a grandfather and a great grandfather. His execution was an execution of generations.

As this case and other recent exonerations illustrate, the U.S. justice system is fallible. It is riddled with racism, prejudice, classism and sexism. It far too often pursues convenience rather than justice thus guaranteeing arbitrariness.

By executing anyone, the state undermines any claim to a belief in sanctity of life; it arguably does more damage to the peace and the well-being of humanity than one person, acting outside the power of the state, could ever do or has ever done in history.

Enough is enough. If we want to lend any credibility to the notion that we are a fair, just and civilized society, we must abolish the death penalty now.

Part of our tribute to George Stinney Jr. is sharing his story. Below we highlight a few articles that give additional details and context to his case. While we are not able to bring George Stinney Jr. back to life physically, we must guarantee that his story is told – shouted from the rooftops if necessary – so that the greatest legacy he may ultimately leave behind will be the abolition of the death penalty in America.:






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