“If My Wife Has To Work For White People, I’ve Failed As A Man”

Andre C. Hatchett from Buy Black NYC


Notice I said “my” not “yours”; these are the standards for my family, when I have one.

If my future wife wants to build her own Empire. Great! If she chooses to be employed by someone else as a part of her own dream or passion I will still have businesses in place that give us reassurance that she can leave whenever she wants. I would also encourage her to have her own business in place.

Which response would you rather have as a man? And/or hear as a lady when you tell your spouse:

” My boss yelled at me today honey.”

a. “Okay honey. Quit and work with me.”

b. “Well, what did you do or say to him? Go ahead and look for a new job or just deal with it until you find a better job or new job.

At the age of 33, I am growing my assets, or as Dame Dash would say “I’m Independent”. I own several businesses which serve as alternative income instead of working for other people.

My future wife could be a part of Priority Notary Inc., a business that I have had for 9 years. In this company, she could fulfill a few different roles. For example, she could do the work of a mobile notary like fingerprinting or conducting loan closings. Or she could be involved in marketing to help me attain more clients and/or assist with administrative tasks.

Currently, I am in the process of setting up a few sister companies. My future wife could run any of them or I could assist her in setting up her own.

I sell real estate in Manhattan, she could help me conduct open houses, follow up with clients or place advertisements.
Providing for a woman puts a lot of pressure on a man. For me, there are two options for every man.

1. Have enough money coming in to hold both of you down including the kids.
2. Provide an opportunity for her outside of a “9 to 5? to earn a living.

Most women of a certain standard will require one of these options. And a virtuous woman will be willing and want to follow your lead in accomplishing these. Especially number 2 as long as you are in the drivers seat and taking the lead.

Where does this mindset come from?
I have a healthy amount of African protective warrior/caveman in me.

At my age and life experience, if I claim someone as my Queen and she claims me as her King, I’m taking responsibility for her overall well being. Personally, I like the peace of mind that I have a castle in place, where a Queen can put the finishing touches on as we begin our union!

On my new platform: Andre C. Hatchett Media Group, Inc. Our first project is called BlackMenDoingIT.com. “The Re-Branding of The Black Man”.
We will be featuring Black men like myself who are proud to have the title of builders, producers and providers. Please check out the Video and let me know what you think.




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