Floyd Mayweather Exposes White/Latino Racism & Self Hate after Victory.

Since the time of great Melanoid boxers like Tom Molineaux  and Jack Johnson, the sport of boxing has always had a racial under current that attracts and intrigues racist fans.

In the time leading up to the record breaking Mayweather vs Pacquiao bout that took place in Las Vegas this weekend,many non-Melanoid boxing fans and media representatives were suspected of using code words and smoke screens to hide their racial hatred for Mayweather. Many people were bringing up issues about Mayweather that had nothing to do with the fight like his past domestic violence charges,that he has already served time for.

Many of these people tried to deny that there were racial undertones to their criticism. But after Mayweather won the fight with Pacquiao, many of these same sports fans stopped using code words and they took to twitter to express how they really felt about Mayweather and Black people in general:






Even many Hispanic twitter users got in on the racist action by using derogatory epithets for Black people like “Mayate” (which is a Black dung beetle in the literal term)

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.09.36 AM



Many Asian and Filipino fight fans got in on the racist twitter comments by using terms like “Nognog” (which is basically the Pinoy word for “Nigger”) and “Sunog” (a Filipino word used to degrade dark skinned people, which means “burned”)






The word “Nigger” was tweeted  by  thousands of twitter users during the #MayPac fight. Hashtag charts showed the timeline  of the word nigger on twitter and how it peaked directly after it was announced that Mayweather was the winner.





So how do you feel about not only the white extremacists who spewed their racism about Mayweather, but all of these other so-called “minority” groups that Black people are supposed to have this shared camaraderie with,who displayed  the same racist views about Black people as the white extremacists?



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4 Responses

  1. RastaFarI says:

    I really feel sorry for those people using the n word to describe the champ, you might of not thought he should of won, but the judges gave it to him, so he is the champ. Most of you have black people that you associate with, and act like you’re so into, but deep down hate them. It only takes something like this, where you can jump on the bandwagon for you to show your true colors. The sad thing about it is that alot of you don’t know your true culture, or history and are so brain washed that you think because you skin color is close to Caucasian,that you’re white, you think that the lighter you skin the better you are… and that you need to bow down at the white man’s feet, and feel welcome like your one of them …..that’s a stupid, ignorant person. Why don’t you deal with knowledge, truth and facts, why dont you study some ancient history and see who is the better people …. if you want to go there. Why don’t you look and see who stole what from who and then stamp their names on it.

  2. Truth Seeker says:

    Black is the first race, and all races came from us. Mayweather is superior because he runs like a chicken, his masterly lands him more money then all those commented put together. Black always wins in the end, haha

  3. Nothing new for me…Spics and flips keeps on hating on floyd

  4. Barbara says:

    He won because he kicks azz in that ring. The judges are not Giving a black man sh..
    Great job Floyd Mayweather,
    Shake dem haters they come especially when you’re at your best. As a matter of fact, they are proof that you’re the best. ???

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