Donald Chump makes racist comments towards Obama and black people!

Remember when he tried to run for office and failed? maybe he’s jealous? lol

What do you think?

Always one to throw his two cents into every political issue, Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant on Monday claiming that the unrest in Baltimore was all President Barack Obama‘s fault.

What do you think?

In his tweets, Donald showed his respect for the 15 police officers who were hurt during the protests, but failed to mention any of the black people killed by cops recently, including Freddie Gray whose death sparked the riots in Maryland.

In addition to placing blame on President Obama, the reality TV host also called out Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, despite her attempts to bring peace to her city.

What do you think?

Read the rant and decide if you think Donald is a plain old dirty racist (below)!!! 

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he got a few people agreeing but the majority called him a racist and made fun of his silly looking hair.
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