Black woman celebrates 108th birthday


An Evansville woman is celebrating a milestone Saturday. She’s turning 108-years-young.

The Church of Christ in Evansville held a special birthday party for her.

Wallace is well known for her colorful hats so it was no surprise that the theme of her birthday party was ‘hats off.’

Family and friends gathered at the Church of Christ to celebrate her life and accomplishments .

Some of her relatives drove up from Tennessee to be a part of the celebration.

Churchgoers say she’s an inspiration and many young members look up to her.

“It just means a lot, a lot of people really care for me,” said Wallace. “I’m just so overjoyed, I’m just really happy, so many people you know.”

Wallace is still in good health and says she was glad to be around so many people that care about her.



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  1. Toyah Adonai says:

    Salute to Mrs Wallace! A queen with a library of stories to tell!

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