Ancient Kemet Kap Returns!

Back by popular demand, our high quality crowns are back in stock.


This unique strapback cap has the ancient Kemetic symbols of Ra, Wadjet, and Nekhbet united as one. Nekhbet (Vulture) represents upper Kemet (Egypt), and Wadjet represents Lower Kemet. Ra (eye, but only the left eye) represents the sun, the energy source for all life on this planet.

The 3 combined represent unity/wholeness, and this ancient symbol has been used for centuries, to keep away negative energy, essentially protecting the person/place that adorns this beautiful piece of art/cuture/African spirituality.


You can also purchase a short sleeve Tshirt to match your crown (long sleeve sold out). And/or the exclusive chain and pendant that also available.

(Click image to take you to the store!)



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