7 Reasons Breast Milk Is The Best Milk On Earth!!!


Breast Milk or should I say natures “Miracle Milk”! Many are aware of some of the wonderful benefits of breast feeding over formula feeding your child, yet many are still quite unfamiliar with the real magical properties breast milk possesses! Here are 7 Reasons Breast Milk Is The Best Milk On The Planet….
Breast Milk is a natural and normal occurrence in nature, whether its animals or humans. Breastfeeding is one The milk from the breast of a mother(same species as baby/child) proves its self, over and over, to be the best milk for a healthy developing baby/child! Breast Milk is loaded with nutrients and antibodies in the proper proportions especially for your child.

  • Promotes A Strong Immune System- Breast Milk protects babies and mothers from illness, allergies as well as cancers and diabetes. The immunities distributed in the breast milk helps to strengthen the bodies natural defenses, making the immune system the ultimate protector!
  • Colostrum- The “1st Milk”, only breast milk produces colostrum! Colostrum is a yellow, sticky, fluid which is only produced during the first 3-5 days after birth and continues to be secreted for up to 2 weeks. Colostrum contains over 60 components, 30 of which can only be found in breast milk… So don’t be fooled by formula labels, there is no comparison! Colostrum helps in the development of the digestive and immune system.
  • Easy Digestion- Breast Milk is ideal for children, reducing the effects on diarrhea, constipation and up set stomach. Its is gentle on the babies stomach allowing them to properly pass waste. Breast Milk is especially effective in helping babies pass Meconium (the dark sticky poops babies first have)
  • Promotes Kisses- By kissing your baby, your breast milk will develop any antibodies needed to help you and your baby fight the immune system invader. So please spread the love and kisses to your baby, its good for y’all health! Kisses also help raise your baby’s vibration and immune system.
  • Used For Medical Purposes- Breast Milk has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-infective, and antioxidant  properties. Many are not aware of the major medical research that has went into studying the benefits of breast milk. Studies have even proven breast milk to being effective against cancers and immune compromising illnesses. So use your breast milk like a prescription.
  • Healthy Growth- 60% of breast milk is fat, which converts into energy for the brain and the heart. Breast Milk has two stages Foremilk and Hindmilk that is expelled during breast feeding. Fore milk is typically lower in fat, watery, the “thirst quenching” milk, and is the first part of the milk. Hind milk is rich in fat, has a longer lasting “full effect” on babies, gives babies that “milk drunk” feeling and triggers the release of the “sleepy” chemicals helping your baby sleep well.
  • Makes Healthy Adults- Adults that are breastfeed have a decreased risk of developing: Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Multiple Sclerosis, Breast Cancer and many more illnesses. The beauty of breast milk is even as an adult you can still receive the benefits that breast milk offers.

Helpful Tips: Breast Milk is best when it is fresh, so whip it out (lol) with pride!… Breast Milk Does have a expiration date and also temperamental, so if you pump and store milk remember not to overheat the milk staying at a 98.6 temperature. Overheating the milk destroys the important antibodies in the breast milk. NEVER microwave breast milk, it radically destroys the cellular make up of the milk, removing all nutrition!!!

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